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Emergency Numbers

Emergency, Fire & Police: 911
Sanibel Hurricane Hotline: 1-800-933-6093 (Operational during Emergencies)
Sanibel Police Department: 1-239-472-3111
Sanibel Fire Department: 1-239-472-5525
Lee County Sheriff’s Office 1-239-477-1000
Lee County Emergency Management: 1-239-477-3600
Florida Hurricane Hotline: 1-800-342-3557 (Operational during Emergencies)
Florida Highway Patrol: 1-239-278-7100
U.S. Coast Guard, Fort Myers Office: 1-239-463-5754
American Red Cross: 1-239-278-3401
United Way: 211
National Weather Service: 1-813-645-2323
FEMA Fed. Emergency Mgmt. Agency: 1-800-621-FEMA (3362)
Sanibel City’s Website:
FEMA Website:
NOAA Hurricane Tracking:
Navy Hurricane Tracking:
FL Division of Emergency Mgmt.:
Fort Myers News Press:
2005 Lee County Hazards Guide:
Lee County Emergency Operations:
Before the Storm Checklist:
  • Have a comprehensive Disaster / Evacuation Plan
  • Locate a Shelter or Lodging out of harms way
  • Plan for people with Special needs and medications
  • Make arrangements for pets that need a Shelter
  • Prepare your boat for winds, strong tides and surge
  • Secure your Business & Backup all Files
  • Freeze Large Containers with Water as Ice Blocks
  • Check your Disaster Supply Kit:
    • Battery operated Radio
    • Flashlights, Candles, Water-proof matches
    • Extra Batteries
    • Plastic Bags, Tarps & Outdoor Tape
    • First Aid Kit
    • Can Opener – manually operated
    • Bleach and Soap & Hygiene Items
    • Raingear, Sunscreen & Bug Spray
    • Charcoal, lighter fluid, Aluminum Foil
    • Ice Chest, Disposable plates, cups & utensils
  • Create an Emergency Evacuation Box:
    • Insurance Papers
    • Safety deposit Key
    • Extra set of House and Car Keys
    • Irreplaceable Photos, Negatives, and Videos
    • Cash & Travelers Checks
    • Medicines and Refill Information
    • Family, Physician, & Pharmacy Phone Numbers
    • Home Inventory with Video or Photo Records
Last Minute Preparation Checklist:
  • Check First Aid and Medical Supplies
  • Fill up on Gas for Cars, Generators and Gas Grills
  • Check your Cash Supply
  • Charge Cell Phones
  • Check Ice, Food and Water Supplies (7 gallons/person)
  • Gather & Secure Tools in a Safe Location
  • Fill Containers and Tub with Water
  • Turn Freezer and Refrigerator to Coldest Settings
  • Freeze Large Containers with Water as Ice Blocks
  • Place Valuables in Waterproof Containers
  • Post a list for Gas, Electricity & Water Shut-off Locations
  • Turn off Gas, Electricity & Water if Necessary
  • Safeguard Pets with 2 Weeks of Food & Water
  • Bring in all Outdoor Furniture, Grills, Toys & Objects
  • Close Hurricane Shutters or Cover Exposed Glass
If Staying:
  • Locate a Safe Place Away from Exposed Glass
  • Stock the Safe Place with a Mattress, Blankets, Battery operated Radio, Flashlights, Games for Kids, First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher, & Small supply of Food & Water
  • Stay Indoors Even During the Calm Eye of a Storm
  • DO NOT use Candles until the Storm has passed!
Insurance Tips:
  • Review all policies with your Insurance Agent to verify adequate coverage and understand your options.
  • Secure coverage as soon as possible. Insurance Companies do not write policies when a named storm is threatening the area.
  • Be aware of the increasing market value of your property when reviewing coverage.
  • The Fort Myers Insurance Commissioner’s Service Office 1-239-332-6948 will review Insurance Policies for homeowners.
Lee County Shelters:

These Hurricane Shelters do not take animals.

  • Alva Elementary,
21290 Park Street
  • Alva Middle School,
19 N. River Road
  • Alva Elementary,
21290 Park Street
  • Alva Middle School,
19 N. River Road
  • Bayshore Elementary,
17050 Williams Road
  • Colonial Elementary,
3800 Schoolhouse Road E.
  • Diplomat Elementary,
1115 N.E. 16th Terrace
  • Diplomat Middle School,
1039 N.E. 16th Terrace
  • Dunbar High School,
3800 E. Edison Avenue
  • Estero High School,
21900 River Ranch Road
  • Germain Arena (TECO Arena),
11000 Everblades Parkway
  • Heights Elementary,
15200 Alexandria Court
  • J. Colin English Elementary,
120 Pine Island Road
  • Lee Middle School,
1333 Marsh Avenue
  • Lehigh Senior High,
801 Gunnery Road North
  • Lehigh Middle School,
104 Arthur Avenue
  • Littleton Elementary,
700 Hutto Road
  • Mariner High School,
701 Chiquita Boulevard
  • Mariner Middle School,
425 Chiquita Boulevard
  • Mirror Lakes Elementary,
525 Charwood Avenue South
  • N. Ft. Myers Academy of the Arts,
1856 Arts Way
  • Riverdale High School,
2600 Buckingham Road
  • Royal Palm Exceptional Center,
3050 Indian Street
  • Skyline Elementary,
620 SW 19th Street
  • Tanglewood Elementary,
1620 Manchester Boulevard
  • Three Oaks Elementary,
19600 Cypress View Drive
  • Three Oaks Middle School,
18500 Three Oaks Parkway
  • Tice Elementary,
4524 Tice Street
  • Varsity Lakes Middle,
801 Gunnery Road
  • Veterans Park Academy,
49 Homestead Road South
Special Needs Shelters:

Lee County has several Shelters which are equipped for those with special needs. You must pre-qualify as a Special Care patient. Special Care Centers are opened on an as needed basis. Once one is full, another is opened. Call 239-477-3600 to verify which center is open.

Oxygen will be provided at Special Care Centers. You need to bring your portable oxygen unit with extra oxygen if available. Do not bring oxygen concentrators.

Special Needs Shelter Application:

Pet Friendly Shelters:

The Expo Center in North Fort Myers

You must pre-register your pet to reserve space in this shelter! Pet Registration forms can be obtained by calling 477-3600. Only dogs, cats and birds will be allowed. This shelter is located on the grounds of the Lee County Civic Center.

All other shelters DO NOT allow PETS.

If Evacuating:

Do not get on the road without an evacuation destination! Map your evacuation route before you leave. Lee County Recommends the Following Evacuation Routes based on the Storm’s Path.

Hurricane is making Landfall in Southwest Florida:
If you leave early, drive north to Central Florida
If you leave late, drive south and east to Southeast Florida
Hurricane is making Landfall in the Tampa Bay Area:
If you leave early travel south then east to Southeast Florida
If you leave late, travel south to South Florida or stay in Lee County
Hurricane is crossing the State from the East coast on the south side region:
If you leave early, travel north to Central Florida
If you leave late, stay in Lee County
Hurricane is crossing the state from the East Coast on the N. Side of the region:
Stay in Lee County
Hurricane is moving parallel to the west coast of Florida:
Travel south and then east to Southeast Florida.
Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale:

The Saffir-Simpson Scale is a 1 to 5 category rating based on the hurricane’s present intensity. The category is used to give an estimate of the potential property damage and flooding expected along the coast. Wind speed determines the category rating.

Category One Hurricane: Winds of 74–95 mph (119-153 km/hr)
Surge generally 4-5 feet above normal.
Category Two Hurricane: Winds of 96–110 mph (154-177 km/hr)
Surge generally 6-8 feet above normal.
Category Three Hurricane: Winds of 111–130 mph (178-209 km/hr)
Surge generally 9-12 feet above normal.
Category Four Hurricane: Winds of 131–155 mph (210-249 km/hr)
Surge generally 13-18 feet above normal.
Category Five Hurricane: Winds exceeding 155 mph (249 km/hr)
Surge can exceed 18 feet above normal.